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Nonton Streaming Download Drama Tubig at Langis (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Nonton Streaming Download Drama Tubig at Langis (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

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Sinopsis Drama Serial Philippines Tubig at Langis (2016)

Tubig at Langis began with Irene (Cristine Reyes), a good and responsible daughter until Jaime (Victor Silayan) accidentally gets her pregnant. Meanwhile, Jaime has a first family residing in Australia and left Irene and their child, Mico (Miguel Vergara) behind forcing her to raise the boy on her own.

Five years later, Irene moved on and reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) and the two got married, but failed to conceive a child after many attempts. On the other hand, Natoy's family couldn't accept Irene because she has a child from her previous relationship. One day, Irene and Natoy consulted a doctor because she began showing signs of pregnancy. At first, the doctor declared that Irene is pregnant but on the second ultrasound, the doctor found out that the baby doesn't have a heartbeat anymore, declaring that Irene suffered from a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Jaime returned to Irene on a party that Irene organized for Conching (Vivian Velez). Then, the friends of Conching took a group picture but after they have taken a look at it, they saw Jaime hugging Irene whom they mislead as the third party. Conching then showed Natoy the photo, urging him to follow Irene. After she followed Irene, he saw Jaime holding Irene's hand. After what he saw, he went to Clara (Isabelle Daza) drunk and because of what he saw on Irene and Jaime, he accidentally gets Clara pregnant.

Subtitle Hanya Bahasa Inggris.

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