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Nonton Streaming Download Drama Pasion de Amor (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

Nonton Streaming Download Drama Pasion de Amor (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

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Bahasa: Tagalog
Anggaran: $500.000,00
Pendapatan: $1.000.000,00

Sinopsis Drama Serial Philippines Pasion de Amor (2015)

Follow the story of the Samonte family: Juan, Oscar, Franco, and Olivia. Juan, being the eldest, wanted was to provide a better life for his family after their parents died. Little did Juan and his brothers know that Olivia was seeing a much older and wealthy man, Bernardo Elizondo. When Bernardo’s wife, Gabriela finds out about his affair, she hires men to kill Olivia. When Olivia, brutally raped and murdered, Juan and his brothers will stop at nothing to bring justice to her death.

The Samonte brothers will infiltrate the household of the Elizondo’s, the family Juan suspects is responsible for what happened to Livia. There, Juan will meet Gabriela, the powerful matriarch; and Norma, the mysterious eldest daughter who has unwittingly captured his interest.

The more he spends time with the family, the more he’s sure of Gabriela’s guilt. But her daughters, Norma in particular, will protect their family and their mother no matter what. Juan must think of a way to get closer to the truth he’s so desperately seeking, and the only way he finds is to make Norma fall in love.As time passes they have to fight for their love under the dangers caused by Gabriel Salcedo,Gabriela’s bastard son,and tries to succeed but as they married along with Oscar and Sari and Franco and Jamie they suffered in the hands of Gabriel during their honey moon and succeeds in killing Jamie. Gabriel kidnaps Oscar and Sari and the rest including JD and plants a bomb in the cave at first they succeed but they got caught causing Norma to have an accident in order for her son to escape but as for Gabriela she teams up with them to destroy her son to stop this plan and kills both Gabriel and his father,Lazaro,in order to be safe. As of that Norma is sent to the hospital to recover but as the doctors stated that Norma will die causing Gabriela redeeming her soul and regretting her sins. At the lobby the Elizondos and Samontes are visited by a young image of the Elizondos father Bernardo and gives his daughter her life back and gives a chance of redemption of their mistakes, as a sign of Gabriela’s sorrowful cries and hopes of a new hope.Two years later, They finally lived a peaceful life after all the struggles and hardships in the past years and Juan remembers his promise to his father for being the eldest he must be ready to protect his loved ones.

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