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    Nonton Streaming Download Drama My Friend & His Wife (2008) Subtitle Indonesia

    Nonton Streaming Download Drama My Friend & His Wife (2008) Subtitle Indonesia

    Genre: Erotic
    Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 110 MenitDilihat: 777 views
    2 voting, rata-rata 4,5 dari 10

    Two young men, Ye-joon and Jae-moon, have been close friends since doing military service together. Ye-joon has lately worked his way up to becoming a successful financier, while the unambitious Jae-moon has opted for a much less conspicuous route. He now works as a cook and is enjoying family life with his wife Ji-sook and their new-born son. Ji-sook tolerates her husband’s attachment to his friend, but everything changes after the tragic death of the child, caused by Ye-joon. Ji-sook was in Paris when the tragedy occurred and isn’t aware of the circumstances; she even starts an affair with Ye-joon when her husband is imprisoned after taking the blame for his son’s death. Relationships which were originally crystal-clear begin to grow distinctly cloudy.

    Tagline:Friendship of two men becomes a big question, when their life paths turn in the opposite directions.
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